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There are many unique things we do to help our buyer clients locate discount, off-market, unlisted homes for sale.  Often times getting these homes for anywhere between 5-30% below market. 

Here is a partial list of things we offer to our buyers that you will not find with other agents or on public websites:

  • Secret List of Unlisted, Off-Market Homes for sale (over 200 available)
  • Inside access to Bank Owned homes...Foreclosures (we have several bank listings)
  • Access to all Pre-Foreclosure Homes in any Area (we have identified over 900 in Santa Clara County)
  • Off-Market VACANT home list (over 1000 in the County)
  • Direct Marketing for our Buyers at our expense (a unique way to find off-market discount homes for sale)
  • Unique proprietary software to find discount properties (no other agents have this...we created it!)
  • Unique techniques to get listed homes BELOW asking price
  • Mastery of online home auctions for potential great deals (we've done over 100 of these auctions)
  • Special School/API software most other agents don’t have
  • Exclusive Agent Network 90% of agents don’t even know about (I'd be happy to tell you all about it...)
  • Home Buyer Protection Plan! (~$2000 value)
  • Guaranteed Home Finder Program ($2500 to you!)

Will we work with all buyers?  Answer:  No
  • We have amassed a tremendous amount of specialized tools and knowledge to give buyers the absolute best chance for success
  • There are no other agents who provide what we provide
  • Providing what we do takes a large amount of time, energy, focus, and money out of our own pocket
  • We are only willing to dedicate ourselves to those buyers who are qualified and willing to commit to working with us exclusively
  • We are happy to meet with you for a no-obligation appointment to see if we’d be willing to take you on as a buyer client

If you are interested in learning more about how we find so many off-market, discount properties for our buyer clients, please go back to www.Not-On-MLS.com and fill out the form.

Have a nice day!